An environmentally focused Tezos baker



The standard baking fee charged to all delegators (NO minimum delegation).


The percent of fees taken that we will put towards environmental projects every quarter that our delegators vote on.


Number of trees to be planted in the spring due to the amount delegated when the snapshot was taken!
The mission

We created ZeroStake with the mission of being the most carbon negative baker on the Tezos blockchain. To do this, we not only run our baking nodes on low power equipment, but we also donate 50% of all fees we charge to a pool. Using this pool, our delegators can vote on environmental projects every quarter.

To augment this, we will also incorporate NFT’s known as Trezz. These will act as an add on art and utility to reduce fees that ZeroStake charges to whatever wallet has them and is delegating to us. To learn more about Trezz and how to enter the whitelist -> click here

Why bake with us?

Quarterly environmental projects voted upon by delegators from the fees we pool. Our first project will be with a tree farm project out of Michigan in which we will plant one tree for every 50 Tez staked. Later quarters will be on our voting platform in which more options will be added!

Automatic payments per cycle for all delegators. For new delegators, payments start after ~37 days (11 cycles total,  7 for confirmation and 4 for the funds to be unfrozen). Once your delegation is confirmed, payments will be sent every 3 days (1 cycle). Note that delegators will pay transaction fees, so rewards below the transaction fee price will not be sent out. To find out more about staking and rewards, visit Baking bad.

Lowest fees on Tezos! When holding a Trezz in the same wallet you stake, you will have access to some of the lowest fees any baker offers.

Delegate to zerostake now!

What is delegation?

Delegation in Tezos is the act of giving away your staking rights for the Tez you hold. It does NOT move or lock your Tez in any way. Your Tez all stays in your wallet and you can transfer it at any time.
Learn more at Baking bad.

Why should I delegate?

By not delegating, you are losing out on the ~6% yearly ROI that is built into the Tezos ecosystem. Essentially you are missing out on free money and not supporting decentralization of the network.

How do I delegate?

In your wallet of choosing, go to the delegation page and put our baker address tz1N7fL6KvRzD5Umy7yeX5uBa5wFsC5veuN2 (or zerostake.tez if the wallet accepts Tezos domains) as your delegation address. For more help feel free to join the discord or message us on twitter and we will help you out!

NFT - Trezz

We have worked with various artists to create a generative collection of 844 tree-based NFT’s a.k.a. Trezz with over 100,000 different possible trait combinations!

Why would I want an nft of a tree?

Not only are Trezz cute, but every single one automatically gives you a 25% fee reduction on the ZeroStake baker. Note - only one Trezz discount (highest percentage) will be applied per wallet.

This is the first project of its kind on the Tezos blockchain (and from our research on any blockchain).

This means that as long as you have a Trezz in your wallet when you are staking with us, instead of the usual 8% fee, we would only take 6%. Then half of that 6% goes into the donation pool for the next environmental project at the end of every quarter. Besides the baseline 25% reduction there are even more possible reductions, see the fee chart below to see the odds.

Alright..... how do i get one?

For the chance to get a Trezz, you have 3 possible whitelist slots.

The first 400 whitelist and guaranteed minting slots can be obtained by staking with us. At the time of Trezz release we will whitelist the 400 accounts that have staked with us the longest. Meaning the sooner you do it the better!

The second 400 whitelist slots can be obtained by joining the discord and filling out the form in the whitelist chat!

The last 44 slots can be obtained from twitter or discord raffles. This is to give more chances to the general community.

Earnings Calculator

Tez staked

% -- discount from trezz (see the fee chart)


Baking fee, 8% default


Earnings in Tez based on a yearly 5% roi and 8% baker fee assumption


Extra Tez earned if Trezz with % discount is in staking wallet.


Number of trees planted yearly with your staking amount.
Fee Chart
Fee reduction Percent of Trezz with that reduction Final overall baking fee
25% 61.87% 6%
31.25% 20% 5.5%
37.5% 10% 5%
50% 5% 4%
56.25% 2% 3.3%
62.5% 1% 3%
75% .125% 2%
100% .00116822% 0%
-100% .00116822% 100%
Environmental projects

At ZeroStake, we plan to be completely carbon negative. Luckily this isn't hard to do due to Tezos being such an environmentally friendly technology.

For our first project, we have acquired access to over 300 acres of land in Michigan, USA and have permission to plant trees there! For every 50 Tez staked with us, we will plant one tree in the spring.

We are currently in the process of building out a platform that will allow Trezz holders and other stakers to vote on projects that we do in the future.

This will allow delegates to vote on future environmental projects on our website and votes will be proportional to the number of Tez you have staked. More info is available on our product roadmap below!

Roadmap (updated feb 2021)

Late winter/Early spring: Whitelisted users can mint Trezz (Fee reducing nft, awaiting custom objkt smart contract).

Spring: First planting season begins! We will plant 1 tree for every 50 tez staked with us.

Late Spring: The voting platform will be released. Delegators on the ZeroStake baker will be sent voting tokens proportional to their staking amount which can then be used to vote on different environmental projects.

Summer and beyond :We will continue to roll out new features to the voting platform, connect with non-profits to get some potential projects lined up and will also keep a close look on how the Trezz are doing to see if a second generation may be made available.
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